Gamification is the process of creating a competitive, game-like environment to encourage performance in your business. AgentPRO software has an easy-to-use formula controller that allows you to control every aspect of your incentives.

Engagement is the key to success.

What excites your agents?

Motivated call center agents who are engaged with their work take call centers to the next level. Creating a sense of self-improvement and self-motivation is critical to the vitality of a call center and the customers they come in contact with. Creating a work culture focused on improvement and engagement amongst employees requires quality, competitive gamification software. Using game-like scenarios to encourage call center agents’ performance results in an engaged and effective group of employees.

Cultivate healthy competition, inspire through incentives, and provide feedback with the AgentPRO gamification software.


You have the ability to ingest up to ten KPIs from other systems that will each be displayed on the call center agent scorecard and report card.

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We will design the gamification software formulas to drive your organizational goals.

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The Core Focus feature in the platform automatically identifies the bottom five performance attributes per call center agent.

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