Make Your Call Center All It Can Be – Part 2

How old is your call center? Whether it has been around for a long time or it’s just getting on its feet, you can embrace improvement and enjoy the benefits at any time. Your call center’s team is the voice of your company and it is absolutely crucial that you invest in them. You want each employee on a phone to feel like he or she has what is needed to handle what can be a difficult job. Give your employees what they need, and they’ll make your company shine for consumers. The key is realizing that there is no limit to the possible improvement!

At Bit-Lever, we are strong believers that everything gets better when it’s fun. Work does not have to truly feel like work, and it is possible to meet the needs of customers, employees, and companies simultaneously. That is why we created our call center agent scorecard software, which not only encourages the healthy aspects of the workplace, but can also be customized for each application. In our last blog, we outlined a great method for improving your call center. Today, we want to zoom in on other ways you can take your call center to the next level.

Make Your Call Center All It Can Be – Part 2

Be Willing to Customize Your Measurements

  • The Bit-Lever team designed our software to be as customizable as possible because we know that each call center is different. Too many times, call center managers fall into the trap of using universal tracking systems. At the outset, it may seem like the easiest, simplest angle. However, when your hardworking agents start struggling under systems that aren’t designed for them, ease and simplicity will be the last things you experience.
  • Instead of enforcing an all-or-nothing mindset, keep tabs on your agents’ stats and make it your mission to discover the best way to track them. Yes, efficiency, service, and quality are all important, but they can be tracked in different ways. That is where our software is so valuable; it provides fun, new perspectives via teamwork, competition, trophies, and more!

What Stats Should You Use?

When you’ve got a fantastic team of agents on your hands, there’s nothing better than tracking what they accomplish so you can congratulate and reward them for their hard work. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry: there are at least three major things that take place during each phone call: service, efficiency, and quality. All call centers track these stats, and our gamification software automatically uses the stats to pick out where improvement and rewards are needed, which makes it effortless for you!

  • Service – To define this aspect of the phone call, you can track average speed of answer as well as abandoned call rate. These numbers are easy to get from your call logging system or telephony switch.
  • Efficiency – Look at agent occupancy and customer on-hold times to understand how well each minute is being used in your call center. You’ll need to collect stats from your automatic call distributor (ACD) and divide the total handle time by the total available time.
  • Quality – When it comes to quantifying quality in a call center, your best bet is usually focusing on the product knowledge and phone etiquette of your agents. It is common to score these concepts during agent evaluations, and Bit-Lever’s system can help you do that.

Keeping Your Finger on Your Call Center’s Pulse

  • Call centers are all about people, and people aren’t stagnant. They need movement, change, and improvement. The key to having a thriving team of call agents is getting creative about how you gather stats and engage with your agents on the results of their work. It isn’t enough to collect data every so often, especially when there are so many ways to keep a constant stream going. Real-time updates will keep you and your agents on the same page, empowering everyone to add more value to the company.

Turn to Bit-Lever’s Gamification Software

The modern call center shouldn’t look anything like the ones that came before. When you evolve with the time while utilizing proven methods, there’s no way you can lose. Bit-Lever is here to be your call center’s closest ally and inspiration. Set your workplace apart from the rest with our revolutionary gamification software for call centers!