The Benefits Of Employee Recognition Through Gamification

We’ve talked a lot about how important and beneficial it is to incorporate a gamification platform into your call center in order to motivate employees to improve their performance. With motivated employees, everyone in the company benefits, from the call center agents themselves to the management who oversees and tracks their progress, to the company as a whole. Employees of any type of company are a business’ best asset, so investing time and resources into encouraging their work performance is integral to the health and vitality of the call center itself.

By implementing a quality gamification software, like Bit-Lever’s AgentPro platform, into the call center, agents’ overall performance will improve. Gamification is the process of using game-like scenarios and techniques to encourage employee motivation and improvement. Included in our gamification service is an employee rewarding system. In general, the process of rewarding someone for doing a good job is an incredibly effective way of encouraging overall improvement on a consistent basis. And when it comes to improving call center agents’ performance, this is no different.

In order to reward employees, our gamification platform will track a call center agent’s progress. Call center management has access to this and can use the platform to track this progress with KPIs, which stand for “key performance indicators.” These KPIs are quantitative metrics which allow a manager to track productivity on an individual-employee basis, as well as for an entire team. KPIs can be anything that can be used to track progress and performance, like the how long a phone call lasts, how many times a phone number was dialed, etc. It is with these KPIs that managers can reward their call center agents.

Through the AgentPro platform, call center agents can redeem the points that they’ve accumulated. The rewards are determined by the manager, but could be something like Amazon gift cards. The accomplishments of the agent will be shared in a real-time activity feed that other agents can see.

The AgentPro software incorporates a reward system because it’s an integral way of motivating employees and boosting the company’s output. There are many benefits to rewarding employees in the workplace. These are a few of the most important ones:


When employees are encouraged, recognized, and rewarded for their work, they are more likely to continue working hard. This increases productivity, on an individual level as well as on a team. An engaged team of workers is a productive one, and when their efforts are likely to be praised and recognized amongst the company, they will be motivated to put in more energy and hard work into their tasks.

Team Culture

Recognizing individual team members, like on the real-time activity feed feature in the AgentPro platform, cultivates a team culture. Employees will see how their peers are performing and will get into the habit of encouraging one another while still working hard to improve their own work. This adds to a positive culture in the work environment, which is an incredible asset to have in a company.

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