How Call Center Agents Improve When Being Motivated In The Workplace

Your employees are the most important asset of your company. When they are satisfied and feel as if they are appreciated and play an important role in the company, their work will reflect that. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to ensure that your employees are feeling seen, heard, and motivated.

If you work at a call center and oversee a team of call center agents, you know firsthand the importance of encouraging employee engagement. There are many avenues in which to motivate your employees, in and outside of a call center. In a past blog post, we listed out a handful of ways to engage and motivate call center agents.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be talking about how call center agents will improve when motivated through a call center gamification platform. These reasons include: their calls with customers will improve and be more productive and effective, and they’re overall sense of moral and satisfaction in their position will be evident in their work.

Ensuring that your agents are doing their work effectively, efficiently, and to the best of their ability works toward the success of the entire company. And investing time and resources in your employees work will always be a benefit. Continue reading to learn what to expect when you implement call center gamification in your work environment.

How Call Center Gamification Can Improve Employee Work

Calls Between Agents And Customers Will Be More Successful

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the calls between agents and customers haven’t been as productive or successful recently. This is a great reason to implement gamification software. Through game-like techniques and methods, your agents will learn valuable lessons on customer service and team building. The strategies they learn through the software will translate into their work with customers, as well as their coworkers.

As a call center manager, you’ll notice that conversions through calls increase and that the agents are more engaged in their work and calls with customers. In fact, monitoring calls in general is an excellent way to gather insight into how your employees are working, and use the information to further motivate and encourage consistent improvement. With a gamification platform, like Bit-Lever’s AgentPro, call center agents will have clear and measurable goals to work toward. They will be evaluated through a call center agent scorecard, and encouraged to improve for tangible rewards and incentives.

Team Morale Will Boost

You’ll notice that there will be a coherency between call center teams when they are working with gamification software. The AgentPro software includes a team building aspect. Agents will engage in a healthy level of competition with one another in the gamification platform. Top level agents will be mentioned and rewarded, working as further motivation for agents as a whole.

Agents Will Be More Involved

Gamification motivation is two-fold. Not only will gamification implementation work toward improving call center performance, but call center agents will become more engaged in their motivation as well. When your employees are engaged, you — as a manager — will be able to involve them in the process, too. Ask them how they would like to be encouraged, motivated, and incentivized. Get their opinions on their own performance, and ask them how they would like to improve their customer service. Bottom line: When your employees feel motivated and engaged, they will perform better and be more inclined to continue improving. Invite them into this process simply by having conversations with them. You’ll notice overall work performance improve when your employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

Implement Call Center Gamification With Bit-Lever’s AgentPro

If you’re looking for ways to encourage your employees and increase overall call center performance, it’s time to turn toward the AgentPro platform through Bit-Lever. Learn more about this software and try a free demo today.