Why Call Center Agents Need Motivation From Their Employer

The call center industry can be a stressful environment, to say the least. From talking with unhappy clients, to the long hours the job position entails, it is no wonder that call center agents can feel drained after their shifts. Not only that, but the quality of the calls agents make with clients directly represents the call center as a whole. Yet, they work hard and give their 100 percent.

Employee motivation plays a key role in many jobs, and especially so with call centers. With taking call after call, there isn’t a lot of down time for call center agents to sit back, recoup, and self-motivate. That is why call center motivation is, and should be, a high-priority for call center managers and supervisors. Everyone wants to excel at their job, but sometimes the landscape of the job itself can be a bit tricky.

Listen To Your Call Center Agents

One of the best ways to motivate your call center agents is to hear them out. Whether you send out a survey or you meet one-on-one with the employees, giving them a chance to give feedback is crucial. When agents feel that their voice is being heard and that they have a say in their work environment, their engagement in their position will increase. They may have suggestions for you, as their manager or supervisor, about motivation and encouragement that you haven’t even thought of. Opening a path of communication is a key factor in overall employee motivation.

Inspire Through Incentives

Incentivising is an effective trick at increasing team morale, performance, and quality of work. And it is a great way to reward your call center agents for a job well done. When an employee has a goal they want to accomplish or have a reward they want to retrieve, their involvement in their work grows

Provide Constructive Feedback

Your employees will want to know how they have been performing, what their strengths in in the position are, and how they can improve. By providing constructive feedback to your call center agents, they will feel that their work is being taken seriously and that they have an important role in the company. Further, recognizing their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses will continue to motivate them to work hard and optimize their performance.

Call Center Gamification

If you are looking for ways to motivate your employees to boost performance, consider implementing gamification software solutions into the call center. Gamification is the process of cultivating healthy competition through a game-like environment to cultivate efficient and quality performance. Providing feedback to you, the call center manager, as well as weekly quality call monitoring scorecards to the agents, progress will be tracked, future improvements will be encouraged, and a long-term culture of engagement and motivation will be set in place.

Here at Bit-Lever, we offer call center gamification solutions through AgentPro, an easy-to-use software that will optimize the engagement of your call center representatives.

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