Our Call Center Gamification Dashboard

The AgentPRO application comes with stock dashboards for agent, supervisor, manager, site director, executive. Unlimited custom dashboards can be created for other roles or purposes, such as weekly meetings.


Agents can redeem their points for Amazon gift cards and other rewards.

Incentive points are earned from relative key performance indicators according to standardized formulas. These points can then be redeemed for prizes and other types of incentives.

Incentive redemption has all kinds of options. Our standard incentive is with Amazon. When an agent redeems his points, the system provides a coupon code.

We do have options in our store to add items that you want to fulfill directly. In other words, if you want to go buy a couple TVs as incentives, we can get an image of that TV and put it into AgentPRO as a reward.


Social interaction builds a strong community. Whenever agents win trophies or achieve performance goals, every accomplishment is updated in the real-time activity feed.

Long-term gamification success is about social proof (doing what others do), recognition and collaboration. Our social feed supports this well. AgentPRO allows employees to see how their peers are doing.


The most important thing a supervisor can do in any call center or any retail environment or anything, is coach and motivate their people. You want to give your agents a very clear picture on how to achieve top performance. You don’t want to do that through manual reporting. You don’t want their head in some book running reports. AgentPRO’s consultant-grade reporting is automated and available on demand, so your supervisors can spend their time doing what matters.


AgentPRO makes sense of many different Key Performance Indicators from other systems, such as your Workforce Management System and Phone System. This information, combined with QA, Coaching data and other ingested data points gives you a reporting platform with unmatched power and flexibility that turns your contact center into a well-oiled machine.