Why It’s Important To Implement Gamification

Gamification is the act of using gaming techniques to encourage and motivate employers, students, or learners to continue learning content and engage with a certain product or service. By implementing gaming techniques into the learning process, individuals will be able to explore and practice important aspects of work or education, including team building, efficiency, and overall productivity and success. Tactics like goal setting, teamwork, objective completion, and healthy competition through gamification software can and will bleed into the real life work and learning of students and employees.

Encouraging and motivating your employees and students is essential when trying to help them engage and work harder. Gamification is used to motivate employees and agents in call centers. This tool is effective at increasing overall engagement and productivity. For employees, feeling a sense of accomplishment in the gamification scenario translates into their call center work, which further motivates them to engage with their service on a deeper level and work more efficiently.

The same can be said for students. Gamification can be very successful in the education realm, as it works toward encouraging student learning.

While Bit-Lever’s gamification platform was designed for call center agents, the benefits of this software can easily be translated to e-learning and student engagement as well. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be listing out four reasons why implementing gamification into e-learning is important and effective, as told by Elucidat. If you’re an online teacher and are struggling to engage your students, this post is for you! Continue reading to learn more about the power of gamification, and be sure to find more information about Bit-Lever’s software today.

The Power Of Gamification Software In E-Learning Environments

Looking to further engage your students and encourage overall participation? It might be time to turn to gamification. By applying gaming techniques to real-life learning activities in a classroom setting, students will be encouraging to dig deeper into the material, participate on a more constructive level, and engage with the material. There’s something powerful about incorporating a level of competition into the classroom.

Students Will Be Motivated To Learn

Competition doesn’t have to be student against student, or call center agent against call center agent. Having individuals compete against themselves is a powerful way of encouraging overall engagement. In an e-classroom, students can be motivated to engage further with the class material when they are working to improve past work or a past grade. In gamification software, players earn badges when they reach a new level or mark. By having them compete with themselves, they’ll be more inclined to progress.

Gamification Users Will Get Feedback

One of the reasons why gamification strategies prove to be so successful is that users, whether they be students or call center agents, work through the material themselves or in teams, but receive feedback on their performance. The AgentPro gamification platform through Bit-Lever provides call center agents with real-time feedback and reporting that gives them constructive ways to improve and progress in the future. After all, what would be the point of working through gaming methods to improve without receiving feedback? This feature encourages users to constantly be in a growth and improvement mentality.

Gamification Through Bit-Lever

One thing is for sure: implementing gamification into the e-learning environment will only work to improve student engagement, participation, and overall success. The gamification platform offered through Bit-Lever is aimed toward call center agents. If you work in a call center and manage teams of agents, gamification will help you motivate your employees through incentivizing. Our AgentPro platform can help make work fun again. Weekly, agents will participate in leaderboards to earn tangible incentives and rewards. Report cards will be distributed each week showing agents where they stand and in which areas they need to improve.

With these gamification strategies, your call center agents, or students, will be energized to perform well at work and to constantly improve. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will encourage them to compete against themselves, as well as their fellow co-workers or co-learners. If you’re interested in learning more about our gamification platform through Bit-Lever, or are curious about to implement this software into a e-learning classroom environment, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Get in touch with us today, and try a demo of our gamification application.