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Your employees are an integral part of your company and should be considered an important asset to the overall functioning of the business. As a manager or team leader, investing in their job satisfaction and performance will benefit you in the long run. When employees feel content in their positions and are appreciated by their team members and managers, their attitude and performance will improve, thus increasing the output of your business. This proves especially true in call centers.

If you’re a manager or leader in a call center, you most likely know how essential it is to motivate and encourage your employees. The job of a call center agent can be demanding and tiring. From talking with clients all day and working long hours, it’s no surprise that agents can often feel stagnant in their positions. This is why putting into motion a plan of action to encourage and motivate your call center agents is key to the vitality of your company. Boosting engagement, encouraging teamwork and individual performance, and building a culture of improvement will be tangibly seen in the output of your call center.

And this is where gamification software comes in.

Gamification is a technique often used in the workforce that incorporates gaming methods. This is used to encourage employee engagement and performance, and motivatethem, on a team and individual level, to improve the quality and the output of their work. When working on a gamification application, call center agents will be put in scenarios similar to gaming ones where they will have to use critical thinking, teamwork, and individual analysis to move forward and improve. What they learn through gamification will translate into their professional work, and is an incredibly effective way of motivating agents.

So, how does it work in a call center?

Well, through the gamification software, the call center agents compete with each other to complete objectives and achieve specific goals. The healthy level of competition that is encouraged through the software translates into the team and individual work ethic of everyone. Through specific metrics, the agents’ progress is tracked, and rewards are given out based on the metrics recorded.

Are you a manager or a team leader at a call center and are looking for ways to motivate your employees? Gamification software is the most effective and efficient way of making work fun again while increasing performance, quality, and output.

Call Center Gamification Through Bit-Lever

Here at Bit-Lever, we specialize in gamification software through our AgentPRO platform. Designed for call center agents, supervisors, managers, site directors, and executives, this application is highly effective at encouraging employee engagement and improving overall work performance. Featured on our call center gamification software is stock dashboards, call center agent scorecards and report cards, and rewarding systems.

Drive Competition

In the AgentPRO platform, teams of agents will participate in weekly leaderboards and will be rewarded with virtual trophies in addition to real-time incentives. By driving a healthy, constructive level of competition amongst call center agents, work can be made fun again.

Call Center Agent Scorecards

Agents will be kept up-to-date with their progress through weekly scorecards that demonstrate where they stand and areas in which they can improve. Knowing areas of strength and areas of improvement is an effective way of encouraging oneself to work harder and overcome.


This feature recognizes different agents for a variety of different strengths and accolades. The AgentPRO software will automatically record and recognize top agents, the best new agent, and the most improved. By focusing on areas other than the very top, everyone is recognized and encouraged for their efforts and improvements.

Customer Experience

Working directly with the agents, call center customers are an excellent form of noticing and tracking improvement. Customers experience firsthand the energy and effort that agents put forward while working. As the agents work through the AgentPRO gamification platform, their interactions with customers and their overall customer service will greatly improve.

As a manager or team leader, these features will help identify where your agents are struggling and how they can improve. By implementing this software into your call center, your agents’ performance will greatly increase, your customers will be more satisfied, and your employees will feel encouraged to be more engaged in their work and daily tasks. Further, teams will work together more cohesively. Here at Bit-Lever, we believe the competition and teamwork that is taught and encouraged through the AgentPRO software is a winning combination for overall employee motivation in call centers.


The Importance Of Motivating Your Employees

Now that you know the most effective ways in which you can motivate your employees to perform better, you may be wondering why it’s important to encourage their success. Well, for one, employees are a company’s best asset. Investing in their job performance directly benefits the business, as well as you, as as manager or leader. If you are managing or leading a team of call center agents, having self-motivated and engaged employees should be a priority of yours, as their high quality performance greatly benefits the call center as a whole. Investing in your employees’ continue growth and improvement will result in higher performance results, and that’s something everyone can agree one.

That being said, working with your employees to increase their engagement and motivation shouldn’t be a once a year event. Rather, it should be ingrained in the culture of your call center, as it proves to be undoubtedly vital to everyone’s success. Ensuring that your call center agents are satisfied in their position and feel seen, heard, and appreciated is an investment that will pay off as their performance continues to skyrocket.

There are many reasons to invest in and motivate your employees, including the following:


Generally speaking, motivated employees are satisfied ones. When you encourage each individual call center agent, they will feel invested in, and in turn, continue to set individual goals for themselves. When they achieve those goals, they will not only be working toward overall improvement, but they will experience a sense of self-satisfaction that you helped foster.



When employees feel as if their employers are committed to them and their success, they will, in turn, feel committed to their job. Motivated employees will be encouraged to put their best foot forward on a daily basis when they know that their leaders and/or managers are invested in their overall success.


While personal development has to be carried out by the individual themselves, the seed must be planted by someone else. In call centers, leaders and/or managers should motivate their employees to not only improve their performance, but they should encourage them to cultivate a sense of consistent development on a personal level. By encouraging engagement and improvement, agents will continue working toward developing their personal and professional skills. In the long run, this will greatly benefit the call center they are working for.


What Is Effective Call Center Gamification?

Charles Coonradt is considered by many to be an expert in gamification. He is the author of “The Game Of Work,” a book from 1984 that discusses the correlation of motivated, self-driven, and content employees, an enjoyable work environment, and increased work performance. About a decade before this book was published, Coonradt opened a consulting firm that works with business leaders to implement gamification software into their workforce to achieve improved results across the board.

There’s no doubt that implementing tools to encourage and motivate your employees is critical to the vitality of a call center, and Coonradt’s book and work demonstrate just that. But what exactly constitutes effective call center gamification? When you first begin shopping for a platform to implement amongst your agents, you might not know what to look for, or even what you should expect out of the product. However, in an article with Forbes from 2012, Coonradt shares five key aspects that constitute effective gamification software. When you begin searching for a gamification platform to introduce to your call center, keep these five key points in mind.

  1. Clearly defined goals
  2. Better scorekeeping and scorecards
  3. More frequent feedback
  4. A higher degree of personal choice methods
  5. Consistent coaching


There must be a reason as to why you are looking to purchase call center gamification. Do you want to increase overall productivity and results throughout the call center? Are you looking to boost the morale of teams within the company? Should customer service be better overall? There are many valid reasons as to why you should implement this software amongst your call center agents. When you’re shopping for gamification, you should have a goal in mind. With a set goal, you’ll be able to find a software that you are content with and that will be effective.

That said, you should also find a software that lets you achieve these goals in a tangible, reward driven way. The AgentPRO software through Bit-Lever allows you to set goals for the agents, and in a game-like scenario they will work to cultivate healthy competition among each other as well as increase overall motivation and performance.

Call Center Agent Scorecard

During their time using call center gamification, your agents should know where they stand, what their results are, and areas in which they can improve. Call center agent scorecards give feedback to the agents, informing them as to where they stand and where their focus should be. Through AgentPRO, agents will receive a weekly scorecard keeping them up to date as they make their way through the process.


In addition to weekly call center agent scorecards, it’s important to provide feedback to your agents yourself. With the AgentPRO platform, offering constructive feedback is made easy. You can automatically identify the areas in which a certain agent is struggling. Then you can step in to provide them with the help that is needed.

Personal Choice

This is an incredibly important aspect of call center gamification. Your agents are individuals and they should be able to practice personal choice in their work, and encouraging them to think critically will not only benefit the call center as a whole, but on an individual level. Challenging your agents on a team and individual level to think hard and problem solve works to grow everyone as a whole.


Like mentioned above, providing your agents with the feedback is integral when encouraging them to put into action what they’ve learned throughout the gamification process. Providing feedback through a call center agent scorecard is one thing, but individually coaching is monumental. Having one-on-one meetings with agents who are struggling, as well as commending agents who are excelling, will work in the favor of the call center as a whole.

Now that you know what defines effective call center gamification, you can get the implementation process started.

Begin The Process Of Motivation Through Call Center Gamification

By implementing gamification software into call centers, agents’ performance will increase, as they continue to feel invested in and satisfied in their position. Bit-Lever’s AgentPRO call center gamification is an easy-to-use platform that tracks agents’ progress, and will help management to consistently invest in and reward their employees. Customizable for each agent and effective at team and individual engagement, the AgentPRO application is the gamification you need to see positive results amongst your call center agents. Try a free demo today.

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