Key Aspects Of Effective Call Center Gamification

Before many of the big gamification softwares were released was a man named Charles Coonradt. He wrote a book called “The Game Of Work” that was printed in 1984, and shares a title with a consulting firm he founded in 1973. Coonradt’s work focuses on encouraging involvement and engagement amongst employees in a professional work environment to boost performance and drive the company’s bottom line. Coonradt and his team are dedicated to teaching business leaders how to implement gamification into their place of work to further motivate employee performance and productivity, and have taught the likes of big companies, such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Time Warner, and AT&T.

In an article from Forbes, the author discusses in further detail how Coonradt has influenced the arena of gamification. The article says that Coonradt began his research and work when he asked himself, “Why would people pay for the privilege of working harder at their chosen sport or recreational pursuit than they would work at a job where they were being paid?”

To answer this question, Coonradt developed five principles that have become rules in creation and utilization of gamification software. These are:

  1. Clearly defined goals.
  2. Efficient reporting and scorecards.
  3. Consistent and frequent feedback.
  4. A larger degree of methods involving personal choice.
  5. Regular and routine coaching.

Since the beginning of gamification, the goal has been to motivate employees, students, and customers by engaging and rewarding them. Coonradt’s methodology is seen and incorporated into today’s call center gamification, including Bit-Lever’s platform called AgentPro.

There are many, many reasons why call centers should implement gamification techniques into their routine training sessions. For one, engaging call center agents in their work will benefit the call center as a whole, as well as consistently increase performance and productivity. Since agents are often on the phone talking to clients constantly, they do not have a lot of time to recoup and self-motivate themselves. They’ll need something external to further encourage them to perform well.

In order to do this, the agents need to feel as if they are appreciated. With call center gamification, your employees can be inspired through healthy competition, incentives, and constructive feedback.

AgentPro Gamification Software Through Bit-Lever

Bit-Lever’s AgentPro platform is a thorough tool that provides call center agents and management with all the resources they need to engage their employees, track performance, reward good work, and provide agent scorecards.

Tracking Performance

To track an agent’s progress, call centers use key performance indicators, known as KPIs. These quantitative metrics allow a manager to track the overall productivity and performance of agents individually and as a whole team. A KPI can be the speed of which a phone is answered, the number of times the phone was dialed, the time of a call, and more.

Rewarding Call Center Agents

Management can reward agents based on their KPIs.With the AgentPro application, call center agents can redeem the points they’ve accumulated throughout the gamification for gift cards or other rewards determined by the management. Further, an agent’s accomplishment will be shared in a real-time activity feed to continue building a sense of community among teams and employees.

Quality Call Monitoring Scorecards

In addition to the game-like situations in which call center agents are guided through, coaching and constructive feedback are essential to motivating employees. The AgentPro software includes an automated reporting feature, which provides agents with efficient feedback. They’ll receive these agent scorecards weekly so they know how they’ve been performing and where they can focus on improvement.

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