Make Your Call Center All It Can Be – Part 1

Customer service is an interesting animal. It evolves with the times, but its basic mission to take customers’ problems and make them go away never really changes. Phones have long been the staple of customer service, but the digital age has brought some innovations in the name of streamlining customer experience and saving the company money. If there’s one thing that innovations like call trees and chat have proven, it is this: you can’t replace human beings when it comes to problem-solving.

Computerized call centers made their entrance onto the customer service stage a few decades ago, and while the budgets of the companies who used them felt the benefits, everyone else got really annoyed. One of the biggest complaints consumers have when it comes to computerized answering services is this: they can’t talk to a real person. Instead, they get marooned in call trees, trying to navigate convoluted menus and options that don’t provide solutions. A phone tree cannot calm a distressed consumer!

By providing your customers with actual people to talk to, you’re taking your company several steps above the rest. However, you must realize what an important asset your call center team is! In today’s blog, we want to take some time and look at a great method for analyzing your call center’s success and implementing improvements.

Make Your Call Center All It Can Be

Is your call center achieving its potential? Are you doing everything that is possible to help this happen?

Take the Time to Evaluate the Current Situation

  • If you can sense that changes are needed in your call center, it can be tempting to jump in with new ideas right away. While there is a time for jumping in, it isn’t immediately. Instead, you need to deliberately evaluate your call center as it is currently. Collect information on things that are going well and things that aren’t. Is the call center missing something? Do customers consistently complain about a few issues in particular? Discuss the issues, take surveys, make a basic plan, and then get into the nitty-gritties.

Have a Good Brainstorming Session (or Three)

  • Once you are confident that you have enough data to get an accurate big picture, it’s time to bring your leadership team together and form an action plan. The key to making this step a success is taking detailed notes. Chances are good that ideas will be all over the place, and you’ll want solid records you can look at later. If you do not record the ideas from this meeting, improvements may not happen at all.
  • In brainstorming meetings, there’s nothing like a great whiteboard. When it gets full, you can simply take a picture of it, erase it, and then fill it up again!

Let Your Agents Have a Say

  • Whatever improvements you want to make, they won’t stick if your agents aren’t on-board. As the people who have the most contact with the customers you’re trying to satisfy, your agents’ input is invaluable. When you give them a say in the improvements, you empower them to impact their own workplace. The results will be better all around!

Gradually Make Changes

  • Once you know what needs to change and you understand how the change needs to happen, it’s time to move forward. Implement one change at a time, if possible. Too many changes can be overwhelming and will ultimately fail to be effective. Give each change a chance to prove itself, and then evaluate for improvement.

How Did You Do?

  • The evaluation phase of improvement can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time because you get to see if your changes were effective or not. If you didn’t get the boost you needed, it’s no problem. Even if your changes gave better results than you could imagine, you aren’t done. Remember, there is no ceiling to how much you can improve your call center!

Turn to Our Gamification Software

At the end of the day, call centers make life better for people all over the world. They allow consumers to get the help they need and companies to present themselves as caring, dedicated teams worthy of consumer loyalty. Bit-Lever’s gamification software encourages competition, teamwork, and excellence in a fun, engaging way. Learn more about our proven software today!

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