How To Tell If Gamification Software Is Effective In A Call Center

Gamification is a technique that uses game methods to motivate employees, boost their engagement, and increase the efficiency of their work. In call centers especially, gamification can be a very powerful, positive, and effective tool to engage call center agents. Through goal setting, completing certain objectives, and partaking in a healthy level of competition among peers, the implementation of gamification software can translate into the real work of call center agents and teams.

Bit-Lever offers a gamification platform and software solution for call centers. Our AgentPro application allows call center management to incentivise their employees, reward high performance, and provide automated call center agent scorecards and reports. Investing in the engagement of employees and teams will manifest itself into overall call center success.

That being said, as a call center manager or supervisor, you may be wondering what demonstrates an effective call center. How can you tell if the implementation of gamification software in a call center is having a positive effect and cultivating a culture of improvement?

There are a few key aspects of call center gamification that are very influential and impactful for the overall success of a call center. Today we’re going to list out what these factors are, so you, as a manager or supervisor, know what to look for when you motivate your call center employees through gamification software. Be sure to read along, and if you’re interested in trying out Bit-Lever’s AgentPro as a gamification platform, get in contact with us to try the demo today.

What Makes Gamification An Effective Tool?

Qualitative Performance Metrics and Measurements

The most effective way of striving to improve call center agents’ performance is by providing qualitative measurements to track progress, performance, and success. One way of doing this is by collecting customer feedback. Customers have direct communication with the call center agents, so their feedback is crucial to marking progress.

Call Center Agent Scorecards And Performance Reporting

The AgentPro gamification application through Bit-Lever features a convenient method of reporting call center performance metrics for agents. Each week, the call center agents will receive a quality call monitoring scorecard, showing them where they stand, how they got where they are, and what they should focus on to continue improving their performance.

Rather than having call center managers and supervisors take time out of their busy schedules to manually write a report card, the AgentPro platform does it automatically for the agents. Managers and supervisors still can access their employees performance metrics to track their progress and step in if need be. Automated and available on demand, performance reporting is made efficient and highly effective with our call center gamification software.

A Dose Of Healthy, Community Competition

Gamification is all about competition. Encouraging the call center agents to participate is what is going to drive results. Not only are you cultivating a culture of improvement-driven agents, but the work is made fun for your employees. Weekly, call center agent teams will participate in leaderboards, they’ll compete to earn trophies, and will redeem their accumulated points for real, tangible rewards.

Included in the AgentPro platform are trophies that automatically reward and recognize top agents, most improved agents, and any other categories that involve team members, and build a sense of camaraderie and community. Everyone can get the recognition and accolades they need to continue improving their quality of work.

Not only that, but another feature in AgentPro is the activity feed. Here, agents can build their sense of community by updating their accomplishments in the real-time activity feed. This encourages individual recognition, as well as team collaboration.

Call Center Agents Can Work To Earn Real Rewards

In addition to agent and team recognition —  which is very important to the success of call centers — is the chance for call center employees to be rewarded for their performance improvement. Agents are incentivized to earn points from relative key performance indicators (KPIs), according to specific and standardized formulas. Through AgentPro, agents can redeem these accumulated points they’ve earned for Amazon gift cards, as well as other rewards the call center decides to implement.

Try A Demo Of Our Call Center Gamification Today!

By implementing a gamification platform in your call center, call center management can further motivate their employees to perform well and focus on constant improvement. If you are interested in trying a demo of the AgentPro software, give us a call today to get set up. Call center agent engagement is just a click away.