What Is Gamification Software?


Simply put, gamification software is a platform or application tool that applies gaming mechanics to scenarios in the work world in order to motivate and engage employees and staff. If you are looking for ways to motivate your employees and agents in a call center, it’s time to try out call center gamification with Bit-Lever’s AgentPro application.

With point scoring, healthy competition, and receiving progress report cards, the application of gamification in the call center realm proves to be effective at boosting overall efficiency. By encouraging the engagement of each call center agent, their individual achievements and success impact the call center as a whole, ultimately cultivating an organized and productive environment.

How Does Call Center Gamification Work?

Through gamification technology, call center agents compete in order to complete certain objectives and try to beat their fellow agents. This creates a healthy level of competition and an achievement attitude that will translate into their work.

Working to drive a level of competition, gamification platforms are used to make work fun again for call center agents.

Rewards are given to agents, and are selected by the company and call center management. Weekly leaderboards and trophies are awarded, and points earned in the application can be redeemed for real incentives.

What Metrics Does Gamification Measure?

Call centers use key performance indicators, called KPIs, to measure and assess how well the call center is performing overall. These are quantitative metrics and hard numbers that have been tracked over a certain amount of time. Whether a manager is evaluating a single agent or a team as a whole, KPIs can provide an insightful overview of performance and progress.

With Bit-Lever’s gamification software and AgentPro application, a specific goal is set for every KPI that is being measured. KPIs can measure speed of answering the phone, the number of phone dials, the overall time of a call, first call resolution, and more. These KPIs can be set to track progress.

Further, the AgentPro software will show managers and supervisors where their agents are succeeding and where they are struggling. This way, corrections can be encouraged to improve performance.

Rewarding Call Center Agents

Rewarding call center agents and teams as a whole can be dependent on the progress of the KPIs. With Bit-Lever’s AgentPro application, agents can redeem their points for Amazon gift cards, among other rewards. Points are earned from relative KPIs according to a formula.

Not only are real-life rewards used to incentivize employees, but aspects of social community building are also integrating into this gamification software from Bit-Lever. Whenever a call center agent reaches a performance goal or wins a trophy, their accomplishment is shared in a real-time activity feed. By recognizing success and collaborating with one another and in a team, long term success will be prioritized.

Tracking Call Center Agents Success

The most effective way of motivating employees is through coaching and constructive feedback. Part of the gamification process is quality call monitoring scorecards. AgentPro’s features automated reporting to give call center agents feedback quickly and efficiently, rather than having managers and supervisors use their valuable time to provide manual feedback.

Call center agents receive weekly agent scorecards that show them where they stand, how they are performing, and where their focus should be moving forward. Managers and supervisors still have access to this information to see how their agents are performing in case they need to step in to further motivate and encourage the improvement of the agent’s performance and success.

AgentPro Gamification Software

There is no better way to motivate your employees, trigger their engagement, and see lasting results in your call center. If you are interested in our call center gamification software, try our demo today.